On’s Right to Run Program Celebrates Global Running Day

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On’s Right to Run program is committed to supporting and amplifying the work local communities are doing to drive change. This year, on Global Running Day, On is celebrating its partnerships with two Canadian organizations, Colour The Trails and Achilles Canada.

Colour The Trails is a collective group of BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ adventure seekers headquartered in BC. The group is on a mission to break barriers and create a safe space for all in outdoor spaces. As founder, Judith Kasiama says “It’s about getting people out running, but moreover, it’s about creating a safe space where people can come and feel like their most authentic selves – a place where no one gets left behind.”

In 2023, On’s Right to Run program is supporting Colour The Trails in the following ways:

– Monetary support of key programs, including Intro to Trail Running and Trail Running Mentorships

– Product donations for community members

– Sponsorship of member participation in Cirque Series Alyeska in July

– Inclusion in BMO Vancouver Marathon Programming

Achilles Canada was born out of a determination to continue running outdoors, despite physical limitations. Founder, Brian McLean, used running throughout his childhood as a means to explore his surroundings in the suburbs of Canada. Today, the group runs on a weekly basis, providing 1:1 support where athletes and guides come together to run and train for their next upcoming race.

In 2023, On’s Right to Run program is supporting Achilles Canada in the following ways:

– Monetary support for programming

– Product and promotional support for Achilles Canada’s Fundraiser

– Main title sponsorship, including operational and marketing materials, product donations and bib purchases, of the St. Patrick’s Day Race

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