Mamie Suzanne’s Fish Soup: A Taste of Marseille in Vancouver

Bring the warmth and flavour of Provence to your own home with the launch of Mamie Suzanne’s Fish Soup by Provence Marinaside.

This delicious soup is a long-time favourite on the restaurant’s menu, inspired by Chef Jean-Francis Quaglia’s hometown of Marseille, France. The recipe itself has a rich history, dating back to when local fishermen would use their daily leftover catches to create a hearty soup for their families.

Chef Quaglia’s late mother, Chef Suzanne Quaglia, further refined the recipe, making it a signature dish at her Marseille restaurant, Le Patalain. “I named the soup in her honour,” says Chef Quaglia. “It’s essentially her recipe, but of course, keeping to the original spirit of using only local fish from our west coast.”

Each sip brings back memories for Chef Quaglia, reminding him of helping his mother in the kitchen as a young boy. “Making this fish soup brings back memories of that time and the experience of roasting all the tiny rockfishes to create the soup’s intense flavour,” he says.

The versatile soup can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. At the restaurant, it’s served the classic way – with crostinis topped with gruyère and rouille for dipping. At home, you can enjoy it as a light meal with a side salad and crusty bread, or incorporate it into a larger fish course.

Chef Quaglia even suggests a delicious way to use the soup in a complete at-home dinner: Poached Whole Fish. Simply purchase a cleaned and scaled whole fish, place it with sliced onions, fennel, and pre-blanched fingerling potatoes in a pan, and top it all off with simmering Mamie Suzanne’s Fish Soup. Bake it for 10-15 minutes, and voila! A flavourful and easy dinner for two.

Don’t wait to experience the taste of Provence! Head down to Provence Marinaside and pick up a pouch of Mamie Suzanne’s Fish Soup.

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