Stack It High: A&W’s New Customizable Burger

A&W has introduced the all-new Stackers, a classic burger recipe that can be stacked as high as you want, starting at only $3.99! The Stackers are A&W’s take on a classic West Coast burger, featuring a juicy 1.6 oz grass-fed beef patty, nestled between a toasted bun, and topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and a new delectable secret sauce.

The secret sauce, crafted by Karan Suri, Director of Menu Development at A&W, is a rich and savoury sauce, accentuated with garlic and spices, with a hint of sweetness from relish. This sauce perfectly captures the essence of biting into a classic burger.

Canadians can stack A&W’s juicy, grass-fed-beef patty as high as they like with the Stacker Burger. Choose from:

Single Stacker for just $3.99

Double Stacker for $4.99

Triple Stacker for $5.99

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