Gosling Takes His La La Land Love To The Next Level

Attention movie fans and pop culture aficionados: what do the films La La Land, Drive and the now Oscar-winning film Blade Runner 2049 all have in common? If you guessed Ryan Gosling, you’re right but you might want to brush up on your trivia!

Yes, our beloved home-grown Canadian hottie stars in all three films, but you may have also noticed he has the same co-star in all three films. No, not Emma Stone.

Some refer to her as the City of Angels, others Tinseltown but we simply call this famous star in her own right, Los Angeles.

In all three movies, Los Angeles is not only the film’s location, it also plays an important character to the overall plot. And it seems Gosling has a true affinity for the sprawling metropolis. In the past 10 years, he has starred in seven films with the city of L.A. as a co-star.

Gosling starred in Blade Runner 2049, which just picked up five Academy Awards at L.A.’s glitziest night. It’s time to look into why the Canuck has such a sweet spot for Los Angeles.

Here are a few film locations that appeared in Gosling’s recent movies and why you should visit for yourself:

Grand Central Market

Photo: Grandcentralmarket.com

A La La Land film location and popular food hall Grand Central Market celebrated its 100-year anniversary this year. The market has always reflected the changing population of Downtown. In the 1920s, the 90-plus vendors included multiple green grocers, fishmongers, Jewish delis, and more. Today’s market has over 40 food stalls and contains vendors who represent L.A.’s diverse community.

Clifton’s Republic

Photo: Eater.com / Wonho Frank Lee

An iconic L.A. restaurant that appeared in Gangster Squad, reopened in 2015 after a five-year, multimillion dollar renovation. The highly Instagram-worthy five-floor venue includes a revamped cafeteria, a miniature chapel designed for kids, a 40-foot-tall fake redwood tree, a 19th-century gothic altar-turned-bar, a tiki bar with a full boat inside, and lots of taxidermy dioramas created in consultation with experts from the Natural History Museum. The newest addition, basement speakeasy bar called Shadowbox, is set to open in early 2018.

Westfield Century City Mall

Photo: Westfield Century City Mall

This idyllic open-air retreat, which showcases the world’s finest luxury boutiques and on-trend brands, made a guest appearance in Gosling’s flick with Steve Carell, Crazy, Stupid, Love. The mall recently reopened following a $1 Billion Dollar renovation and is complete with a new flagship Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s. Guests can now indulge in over 55 eateries serving seasonal and local delights, a new outdoor dining district, and the West Coast’s first Eataly featuring authentic Italian flavors and a not-to- be-missed rooftop lounge scene. In between shopping and dining, guests will take in the showcase of local arts and entertainment, or simply relax and unwind under the Southern California sky.

The Lighthouse Café

Photo: Instagram.com/lalaland

Located on Pier Avenue in Hermosa Beach, The Lighthouse Café has showcased jazz since 1949. Under the name “The Lighthouse,” the venue was one of the key West Coast jazz clubs from the 1950s through the late 1970s. Legendary jazz musicians like Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Art Blakey and Cannonball Adderley have performed and made live recordings at The Lighthouse. Today the club books a wide range of music acts, from jazz to reggae and rock. The Lighthouse Cafe is being discovered by a new generation of fans, thanks to its appearance in La La Land as the jazz bar where Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) hangs out. When Mia (Emma Stone) tells him she doesn’t like jazz, Sebastian takes her to the Lighthouse Cafe.

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