Apple brings enhanced 3D Maps experience in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver

The Apple Maps city experience is now available in Canada, offering users rich three-dimensional details for Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. The newly enhanced city experience — which expands on the new map that Apple spent years building from the ground up — includes enhanced navigation and amazing details for road markings, land cover, trees, elevation, and public transit routes; introduces a new windshield view for drivers and immersive walking directions shown in augmented reality; and much more.

“We’re excited for Apple Maps users to explore the beauty and culture of Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver in an incredibly detailed new way,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Services. “Built with privacy at its core, this update is the continuation of our commitment to building the best, most accurate map of the world — with a beautifully designed experience and attention to detail that only Apple can deliver.”

Explore Cities with Highly Detailed Maps

Maps introduces new ways to navigate cities with a visually stunning 3D map that offers unprecedented detail for neighbourhoods, commercial districts, marinas, buildings, and more. In Maps, users can see elevation details across a city, new road details, and custom-designed landmarks such as the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal, and Robson Square in Vancouver. A beautiful nighttime mode with a moonlit glow activates at dusk. In addition to Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto, the new Maps experience is also available in world-class cities around the world, including London, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

Enhanced Navigation Provides a Better Driving Experience

Maps now features even more road details to help drivers navigate through cities more easily and safely. Turn lanes, medians, bus and taxi lanes, and crosswalks are clearly displayed for navigating busy intersections. When approaching overlapping complex interchanges, Maps shows a road-level view, making it easier to see upcoming traffic conditions or the best lane for an approaching exit. These new navigation features join route planning, which provides the estimated time of arrival for future departures based on expected traffic, as well as lane guidance, speed limits, and natural language guidance available through CarPlay.

Never Miss a Stop with Powerful Transit Updates

Maps offers improvements for public transit riders with an updated transit map. Nearby stations are prominently displayed at the top of the screen, and users can pin their favourite lines in Maps so the best route is just one tap away. Once a transit route is selected, Maps will automatically notify the user when it is time to disembark as they approach their final destination, and riders can even keep track on Apple Watch. These updates build on transit features already available in Maps, including real-time transit, which provides detailed transit schedules, live departure times, arrival times, the current location of a bus or train en route, and system connections to help plan a journey. Maps also includes important real-time information like outages.

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