3 Tips for Small Businesses to set up hybrid employees for success

As we approach the two-year anniversary of work from home, many small businesses are moving to a hybrid work approach for their employees, all the while trying to navigate the challenges of this remote work environment.

Over the course of the pandemic, there have been thousands of small businesses in Canada that have needed help to support their employees with WFH tech equipment and services to maintain seamless connectivity and keep their business running. With knowledgeable staff and a team of dedicated advisors, Best Buy Business is sharing 3 tips for small business success as they look to navigate this new hybrid work environment:

Lease your devices to keep costs low: Small businesses can lower their cost of ownership and outsource tech support by leasing employee devices and services through programs like the Best Buy EverySpace. The main devices will come with remote support and tech repair services. Several product and service bundles are available to fit different needs and budgets of small businesses.

Don’t waste money on the wrong products: It’s important to purchase the right product for the specific environment you have, so that businesses don’t waste money and effort. Advice from a trusted Best Buy Business Account Manager can assist with small business needs as they change and evolve.

Pre-select products for employees to tap into as they transition to a hybrid work model: Setting up staff to work from home comes with challenges, including identifying necessary products, delivery, and tech support. Best Buy Business remote services offer various solutions that address these needs – from setting up new monthly hires, to letting remote employees choose what they need from a wide range of devices, accessories or even office furniture that their company has pre-selected and having them delivered straight to their homes.

To-date, the Best Buy Business remote service offerings created to help Canadian small businesses navigate this hybrid work balance have:

– Supported over 2,700 Canadian businesses since the start of the pandemic.

– Helped equip more than 10,000 employees with the Remote Workforce Program.

– Supplied companies with more than 280,000 items to help their staff work from home.

– Helped more than 11,500 employees or 2,300+ companies with Remote Support services.

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