Netflix Seeking: #GrammastersNorth to go behind-the-scenes of Netflix productions in Canada

Today, Netflix has launched a search for a handful of talented Canadian photographers. These candidates need to be willing to take on the challenging role of being the eyes and ears for NetflixCA IG followers – taking them behind-the-scenes to capture the folks making the magic happen here in Canada.

Canadians can apply beginning today until May 11, 2018. To apply, Canadians can:

1. Follow @NetflixCA

2. Tag #GrammastersNorth and @NetflixCA in their Insta-submissions

3. Apply by May 11, 2018 for your chance to be a part of a Netflix production!

Why does this matter? According to a recent survey, more than half of Canadians (53 per cent) would love to learn more about the content that Netflix films in Canada. And, more than half of all Canadians (53 per cent) think it would be amazing to go behind the scenes of Netflix Canadian content to see how it is made. Well, Canada, Netflix heard you!

Each selected candidate, will fill a contracted set photographer role that requires a high level of creativity, an inquisitive, innovative personality and a strong eye for photography. The photographs and videos captured on-set by the Grammasters North will be curated and featured on the Netflix Canada Instagram account.

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