Netflix Canada Users Remember Their First Show Binge

Everyone remembers their first time. You likely remember it fondly and hopefully had no regrets once it was done. Maybe it got you hooked on a new obsession.

This Valentine’s Day, let’s look back at your first time… bingeing on Netflix. We already know that Canadians are the fastest binge watchers, but what we didn’t know was that on average, it takes a new Netflix member 12 days to start their first binge, with the majority of users finishing a season in just 3 days. With no shortage of TV shows to stream, more than 90% of members have had a “First Netflix Binge” within a year of joining.

The time to start your first binge also shortens year over year. In 2012, it took the majority of Netflix members 20 days to have a first binge compared to just 3 days in 2017.

So who was it with? Everyone’s favourite Canadian popstar, Robin Sparkles or was it with Mike Ross from Suits? According to Netflix, these are the shows that users binge first in Canada overall:

1. Breaking Bad
2. Orange is the New Black
3. The Walking Dead
4. House of Cards
5. Stranger Things
6. Trailer Park Boys
7. Narcos
8. Family Guy
9. Suits
10. How I Met Your Mother

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