The Last of Us location guide in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta

Source: HBO, The Last of Us

Whether you watch it or not, The Last of Us has taken over faster than the cordyceps spread and believe it or not, you can visit them. Filmed in Alberta, these local Canadian cities are now globally famous and are open to visit to put you right in the action.

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of upcoming travels. Why not combine the excitement of feeling “on set” with a quick road trip, experiencing the different places all while camping out in your own RV. Not only does RVing offer a flexible and affordable way to travel, it also protects you from the zombies!

Episode 1: Post-pandemic is all downtown Calgary including Beaver Dams and the Inglewood neighbourhood, plus the town of Fort Macleod is showcased as Austin, Texas.

Episode 2: Downtown Calgary and Edmonton are heavily featured in this episode including the Alberta Legislature Building (as the state house), Calgary’s Fourth Avenue Flyover, and shots familiar of 108 and 104 street in Edmonton.

Episode 3: Bill’s house is actually located in High River, a neighbourhood south of Calgary. The river scene was filmed at Fish Creek and the infamous convenience store can be found in Priddis, Alberta.

Episode 4: Kansas City where the trouble really begins is actually Calgary with famous spots featured at the YYC Tunnel, the Globe Cinema, and the Bell Block.

Episode 5: Calgary is featured yet again with the FEDRA uprising happening right at Calgary Courts Centre. Located south in Nanton is the Ranchland Inn where Sam and Henry never left.

Episode 6: The fictional town “Jackson” is actually Canmore, Alberta! With Colorado being the actual mountains of Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta.

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