Shaw BlueCurve Home app gives you connectivity on your own terms

Shaw recently launched the BlueCurve technology suite, a simple and powerful approach to managing connectivity within your home network.

One of the new products, the Shaw BlueCurve Home app, is the easiest way to manage your home network by seeing what devices are connected, setting parental controls and even pausing Wi-Fi with just one tap. Available for iOS and Android to Shaw customers with the BlueCurve Gateway modem, the new Shaw BlueCurve Home app recognizes all connected devices and allows you to create profiles to manage how and when people connect to your home network.

The BlueCurve tech suite also includes Wi-Fi extenders called BlueCurve Pods, which expand Wi-Fi coverage to every nook and cranny in your house — even those hard-to-reach areas like the garage or the patio.

Here are our top reasons to try the Shaw BlueCurve Home app.

#1 Create custom profiles linked to each connected device

On the Shaw BlueCurve Home app, you can personalize your devices by giving them names such as “Dad’s iPad” or “Kid’s laptop. Then, you can organize and manage all connected devices under a personal profile such as “Mom” or a general profile such as “household gadgets.” This way, you will know exactly who is using what device and when.

#2 Pause Wi-Fi access with one tap

With the BlueCurve Home app, you can suspend Wi-Fi for all devices, individual devices, or individual profiles — with one click. Take a timeout from technology to enjoy a distraction-free dinner or together time outside.

Using “Bedtime Mode”, you can automatically disable Wi-Fi access during sleep and wake times. This can be set at different times for school nights (Sunday to Thursday), as well as weekend nights (Friday to Saturday).

By reducing screen time two hours before bed, your kids can learn good night routines and be refreshed for school the next day.

#3 Set parental controls

With parental controls, you can filter inappropriate websites and enable protective search settings for Google, Bing, YouTube, and DuckDuckGo. You can be worry-free knowing your kids are browsing safe and family-friendly content.

#4 Identify screen time with Active Time Alerts

With Active Time Alerts, you can check the app to see a notification on how long a device is active on your home network for a pre-specified amount of time. This will help your family promote healthy internet usage habits by managing screen time during school days.

For example, you can set an alert for one hour of active connected time on weekdays and three hours of active time on weekends. It means parents are more aware of time online, and when it’s time, they can encourage their kids to catch up on homework, read for fun, or play outside with their friends.

#5 Safe browsing against malware and spyware

You can enable “protect browsing” on all devices to reduce the risk of accessing known sources of malware, spyware and phishing. The feature is powered by Zvelo, a provider of filtering technology that is used by many leading organizations.

It reduces the chances that anyone in the house will inadvertently download malicious content and viruses.

#6 Monitor Internet usage by profile and devices

On the Shaw BlueCurve Home app, you will see visual representations of each device’s data usage on the home network over the past 24 hours or past 30 days. You will get a snapshot on how much time each person spends on the internet.

By tracking your whole family’s screen time, you can use the pause function to limit internet usage, which lets you focus on family time, games night, catching up with friends, or just recharging by taking a walk.

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