Power of Natural Deodorant: Lotus Aroma’s Roll-On Deodorant

Source: Lotus Aroma

Are you looking for a natural, effective and gentle deodorant that won’t harm your skin or the environment? You want to check out Lotus Aroma’s Roll-On Deodorant, a 100% natural product that offers 24-hour protection against odours without using any aluminum or other harsh chemicals.

Lotus Aroma is a Canadian wellness company that specializes in creating high-quality, natural and vegan products that are good for your body and the planet. Their Roll-On Deodorant is one of their best-selling items, and for good reason. It has won the 2023 Chatelaine/FASHION Beauty Awards in the Best Deodorant category.

Unlike conventional deodorants that contain aluminum and other synthetic ingredients that can clog your pores, irritate your skin and harm the environment, Lotus Aroma’s Roll-On Deodorant is made with only natural and organic ingredients that are safe, gentle and effective. Some of the key ingredients include:

Sage extract: This herb has been used for centuries for its antibacterial, antifungal and purifying properties. It helps keep odour-causing bacteria at bay while soothing and nourishing the skin.

Probiotics: These beneficial microorganisms are not only good for your gut health but also for your skin health. They help balance the skin’s microbiome and prevent bad odours.

Triethyl citrate: This natural compound of citric acid and corn-derived alcohol helps neutralize odours and prevent bacterial growth.

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