I-do-flation causing shifts in Canadian wedding scene

Source: Tip Top

Weddings are back and Canadian couples are ready to tie the knot, though there’s no doubt that planning for wedded bliss can come with stress.

A new study by Tip Top finds that four-in-five (85%) Canadians rank rising costs at the top of their list of concerns when planning a wedding, followed by choosing a venue (54%) and organizing the guest list (40%).

With Canadian’s feeling the pinch, couples are assessing their ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ while planning their big day:

– 57% of those recently engaged or married say they will have to change their wedding plans due to the state of the economy.

– 77% shared that if they were to pay for a wedding, they are most likely to do so by using their savings.

– When thinking of purchasing wedding outfits, affordability (81%) and perfect fit (71%) are by far the most important considerations for Canadians.

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