Canada Prepares for Solar Eclipse: Top Google Searches Revealed

Source: Canadian Space Agency

With the Solar Eclipse scheduled for Monday, April 8th, Canadians’ curiosity is piqued, leading them to search for more details about this rare celestial event. Google has unveiled the burning questions that are top of mind for Canadians during this exciting time.

When and What Time:

Unsurprisingly, the most searched questions over the past 90 days revolve around the timing of the solar eclipse. Canadians want to know when this awe-inspiring event will occur. For those wondering, the solar eclipse is expected to begin at approximately 10:43 AM PT and 2:05 PM ET on April 8th.

Safety First:

Canadians are ensuring they can watch the eclipse safely. The third and fourth most searched questions are:

“Where to get solar eclipse glasses?”

“What happens if you look at a solar eclipse?”

Duration and Future Eclipses:

People are curious about the duration of the solar eclipse, asking: “How long will the solar eclipse last?”

They’re also planning ahead, wondering: “When is the next solar eclipse after 2024?”

Capturing the Moment:

Recognizing that this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, many are searching for tips on “how to photograph an eclipse.”

Fortunately, Pixel phone users can leverage Night Sight photo mode. With built-in AI technology and long exposure capabilities, capturing a crisp, clear image of the solar eclipse is easier than ever. Remember to wear solar eclipse glasses even while recording or capturing images on your Pixel!

Top searched questions on the eclipse, past 90 days Canada:

1. When is the solar eclipse 2024?

2. What time is the solar eclipse 2024?

3. Where to get solar eclipse glasses?

4. What happens if you look at a solar eclipse?

5. How long will the solar eclipse last?

6. How often is a total solar eclipse?

7. When is the next solar eclipse after 2024?

8. What does a solar eclipse look like?

9. When was the last total solar eclipse in Canada?

10. What happens during a solar eclipse?

11. How to photograph an eclipse

Top searches on the eclipse, past 90 days, Canada.

1. Solar eclipse 2024

2. Glasses for solar eclipse

3. Path of totality solar eclipse 2024

4. Solar eclipse 2024 map

5. Toronto School Board solar eclipse

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