Barbie is booming in Canada according to YouTube and Google

Come on Barbie, it’s a Canadian Ken party!

The newly released trailer for Barbie—one of the most anticipated films of the summer—is blowing up on YouTube, ranking as a top trending video with over 6.2M+ views in less than one day.

Immediately following the YouTube buzz, Canadians turned to Google to learn more.“Barbie movie” was the top-trending Canadian Google search on April 4th with over 50,000 searches, representing a more than 5,000% increase in searches in the last 24 hours.

Aside from previously leaked images of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, little was known about the film. The new teaser trailer confirms that Gosling isn’t the only Canadian making waves in the flick. Brampton-born Michael Cera is making his mark as Allan, “the Barbie who can fit into Ken’s clothes,” and Mississauga-raised Simu Liu also appears in the trailer as a rival Ken vying for Barbie’s affection.

Google searches for Michael Cera spiked last night across the country, signalling nationwide excitement for the movie’s prominent Canadian casting.

Other top trending searches in Canada around the Barbie movie include:

– Barbie trailer

– Michael Cera Barbie

– Midge Barbie

– Allan Barbie

– Barbie posters

– Barbie selfie generator

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