Subway Series: Fifteen chef-crafted sandwiches. Ten new ingredients. One reinvented ordering experience

Source: Subway Canada

Subway Canada launched Subway Series the biggest menu overhaul ever. The entirely new menu features fifteen chef-crafted sandwiches, ten craveable Subway-first ingredients, and a completely reinvented ordering experience. Organized into four categories (deli, chicken, steak and veggie or Italianos), the Subway Series lineup is simply ordered by name or number – one through fifteen – and your Sandwich Artist will do the rest!

Each of the Subway Series sandwiches brings out the very best of Subway Canada – marrying complementary flavours and chef-crafted combinations of fresh and craveable ingredients. The Subway Series roster includes new ingredients like Smoky Beef Brisket, Fresh Mozzarella and Rich Pesto, and soon-to-be fan-favourite sandwiches like the Suprimo, the Mozzarella Bella and the Stampede Brisket.

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