Pizza Pizza Fights Back Against Shrinkflation with Growflation Pizza

In response to inflation and the rising cost of food, many companies have adopted the practice of shrinkflation, where they reduce the size of their products while keeping the price the same. However, Pizza Pizza is bucking this trend and instead launching Growflation Pizza, a small pizza that is 44% bigger than before for the same price.

The Growflation Pizza is the latest example of Pizza Pizza’s commitment to providing affordable and accessible pizza to Canadians. The company also offers a variety of other value-oriented options, such as its Fixed-Rate Pizza, which guarantees that the price of a medium pizza will not change for a year.

The Growflation Pizza is available now at Pizza Pizza locations across Canada. So next time you’re craving pizza, be sure to check out Growflation Pizza and get more pizza for your money.

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