Miantiao new Italian and Chinese restaurant opened at Shangri-La Vancouver

Miantiao is a new Italian and Chinese restaurant opened at Shangri-La Vancouver. It’s a unique marriage of Italian and Chinese cuisines and cultures. Miantiao is derived from the Mandarin word for ‘noodle’, a staple of both cuisines.

We tried the multi-course Fai Tu menu. It’s a family style set where the Chef cooked up a memorable experience. Everything was a delicious fusion of Italian and Chinese flavours. Must try dishes are buttery Tajarin with quantum beef seasoning, signature Cabbage Bolognese with black vinegar and decadent Meringue with hazelnut cream custard.

Ostrica Freddo – poached and chilled oysters, bamboo in saor

Chicories – ginger scallion dressing, parmigiano

Tajarin – quantum beef seasoning, butter

Spaghettoni – smoked tripe, black pepper, pecorino

Cabbage Bolognese – black vinegar, olive oil

Broccolini – smoked tuna, seaweed

Meringue – chocolate gelato, hazelnut cream custard

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