Fuel your summer activities with the all-new nutritious CLIF Builders Protein with Caffeine

Source: Clif Bar

Moving the world takes curiosity. The start of a new season and the arrival of warmer weather sparks the desire to explore, which means getting outdoors. Whether you are looking to hike, bike or swim, take your energy to new places, shifting your mindset and leading you to explore life’s everyday adventures outdoors with the appropriate snacks to keep you fueled.

Clif Bar & Company launched CLIF Builders Protein + Caffeine – now available at major drugstores, grocery, convenience, and natural retailers across Canada. This protein bar combines 20g of plant-based protein with 65mg of caffeine in each bar (the equivalent of one shot of espresso) to help build and maintain muscle.

If eaten before a workout, it kicks it up a notch with caffeine, protein, and carbohydrates to help you perform at your best.

If eaten after a workout, it helps build and restore muscles, providing an extra boost of energy.

So, whether you’re up early for a quick jog outdoors, biking around town, or thinking of the next adventure to take on, CLIF Builders Protein + Caffeine is great to give you the boost you need to speed up recovery post-workout and build muscle tissue.

CLIF Builders + Caffeine

– 20g of complete (plant or plant-based) protein in each bar 

– 65mg of caffeine in each bar – equivalent to one shot of espresso

– Gluten-free 

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