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Happy National Bubble Tea Day! This Sunday, April 30, enjoy a fresh sweet tea drink with tasty toppings and fun flavours – a perfect treat for Bubble Tea connoisseurs or those trying the sweet tea drink for the first time.

Bubble Tea, also known as Bōbà Tea, is a Taiwanese drink that’s seen increased popularity in recent years because of its unique taste and wide range of flavour combinations. As one of the fastest growing drink trends amongst consumers, what better way to celebrate Bubble Tea Day than by learning what other Canadians are ordering.

DoorDash is sharing interesting insights into consumer trends on, all things Bubble Tea.

Classics are here to stay: Canadians are sticking to the basics. Classic and taro flavours continue to top the list of most ordered Bubble Tea flavours, followed by mango and avocado.

Toppings are a must! Canadians are opting for popular toppings like tapioca, lychee jelly and coconut jelly.

Quebec and Ontario are ready to celebrate this National Bubble Tea Day: Quebec and Ontario had the most Bubble Tea orders placed this year, followed by Alberta and British Columbia.

Bubble Tea with Dinner: Canadians prefer to eat dinner with Bubble Tea, as 6-8 PM and 4-6 PM timeframes top the list of most Bubble Tea orders.

Hot versus Cold: Canadians aren’t shying away from asking for what they want, with top special requests on the app including “no ice,” followed by “hot,” “cold,” and “regular.”

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