Canadian Club Launches the Fifth Edition of the Chronicles Series, Canadian Club 45 Year Old: The Icon

Canadian Club is proud to celebrate the rich history and cultural influence of the renowned whisky with the announcement of the release of Canadian Club 45 Year Old, the fifth edition, and final expression of the legendary Canadian Club Chronicles Series. As a spirit which has played a pivotal part in historical events and popular culture for more than 160 years, ranging from Prohibition to feature profiles in top rated television shows, Canadian Club has named this latest expression “The Icon” to pay homage to a past that is as storied as the characters who have sipped the liquid.

Batched and barreled in 1977, Canadian Club 45 Year Old’s golden amber colour presents an enticing blend of warm pear, baking spices, toffee, and a hint of leather on the nose, while bringing forward an espresso crema on the mouth, balanced with wine, poached pear, and the nutty sweetness of praline. The spirit delivers a well-rounded, smooth, and lingering finish that speaks to the exceptional quality of the locally grown grains.

“With more than 160 years of history, Canadian Club is truly the industry leader and an icon in the world of Canadian whisky,” said Senior Brand Manager Deepti Gurkar. “Canadian Club 45 Year Old: The Icon pays a nod to the significant role that Canadian Club has played not only in the world of whisky, but in historical events and popular culture. As the fifth and final expression in this groundbreaking series of award-winning whiskies, Canadian Club 45 Year Old could not be more iconic!”

Rooted in this historical Prohibition era when Canadian Club became the number one smuggled whisky in the U.S., Canadian Club’s 45 Year Old “The Icon” honours iconic and influential personalities. Canadian Club has been featured on-screen from the 1960’s to the present day across 50 countries by some of film and television’s most iconic characters and played a prominent role in a number of acclaimed and groundbreaking series, such as Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire, and it is this legendary status that “The Icon” pays tribute to.

“Basing our final expression in the Chronicles Series on the cultural and historical significance of Canadian Club is fitting for a brand that has played such a significant role in the collective consciousness over the past 160 years,” says Canadian Club Brand Ambassador Tish Harcus. “Canadian Club is truly an icon in and of itself and I believe that the Chronicles Series’ journey from 41 Year Old through to the 45 Year Old has truly shown the incredible legacy of the spirit.”

Launched in 2018, Canadian Club’s Chronicles Series is a selection of premium, limited-edition expressions created to celebrate the brand’s rich history and commitment to producing authentic whisky. Each issue within the Chronicles has represented an iconic moment in Canadian Club’s rich history.

Canadian Club 45 Year Old: The Icon – Tasting Notes:

Aroma: An enticing blend of warm pear, baking spices, toffee with a hint of leather.

Taste: Espresso crema balanced with wine, poached pear, and the nutty sweetness of praline.

Finish: Well rounded, smooth, and lingering.

Canadian Club 45 Year Old is set to be on shelves this fall at a suggested retail price of $499.95/ 750mL, with an ABV of 50%.

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