Artigiano Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Bomb for Hot Chocolate Vancouver 2021

Artigiano announced the participation of its Main Street and North Vancouver Edgemont locations in this year’s Hot Chocolate Vancouver, taking place across Greater Vancouver, January 16 to February 14, 2021.

These two Artigiano locations will join 37 other participating vendors offering exclusive and creative hot chocolate creations over the course of the four-week event. The art-level baristas at Artigiano’s participating shops will be serving two hot chocolate delights:

Incendiary Orange Explosion

Creamy milk chocolate and bright orange, infused with smoke, hand-torched, artisanal marshmallow topper $6.50

Mellow Berry Bomb

Ruby chocolate and juicy strawberry, ruby chocolate marshmallow “bomb” melts to release silky marshmallows $7.50

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