A Taste of Italy’s North and Coast Arrives in Vancouver: Locanda dell’Orso

Located at 350 West Pender Street, Locanda dell’Orso, or ‘Inn of the Bear’ in Italian, is a brand-new Italian restaurant that offers an authentic, family-style dining experience in the heart of downtown Vancouver. With its warm and welcoming ambience, this restaurant is inspired by the Italian legend of the Innkeeper and the Bear, where a bear has escaped from the Colosseum and found refuge in the inn’s courtyard.

Locanda dell’Orso brings the flavours of Northern and Coastal Italy to Vancouver, with dishes that are made with locally sourced ingredients and imported specialties from Italy.

Some of the must-try dishes include:

Agnolotti: Chicken and beef stuffed pasta, cooked with rosemary and served with a rich red wine jus.

Canestri Caponata: A classic Sicilian dish made with vegetables, capers, olives, and salted ricotta, spiced with Calabrian chilli.

Locanda dell’Orso offers a selection of wines from smaller wineries in Italy, as well as organic wines from various regions across Italy. The cocktail list, curated by Bar Manager Riccardo Farina, is inspired by the Milanese aperitif and features both classic and innovative cocktails. A selection of BC wines by the glass and bottle is also available.

The restaurant’s interior reflects the warmth of its Italian inspiration. Chic marble and wood countertops, elegant walnut flooring, and comfortable burgundy eco-leather booths create the perfect setting for a cozy meal and a glass of wine with friends. To add a touch of artistic flair, the walls showcase artwork inspired by the Futurist movement, an avant-garde art style that adds a bold, conversation-starting element to the space.

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