Hyundai Canada to Launch New Online Vehicle Shopping Platform

Customers in the market for a new vehicle will soon be able to complete nearly all of the shopping process online, including finalizing a price with trade-in value as well as lease and finance approval. Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. announced it is expanding the reach of its Hyundai Express Shopping digital platform and will be making it available to dealerships across the country for use on their individual websites this spring to provide this functionality.

The upcoming nation-wide launch of the digital platform, which includes a digital shopping cart and checkout experience, makes Hyundai the first mass-market automotive brand in Canada to enable dealerships to provide retailing services almost entirely online. With this development, Hyundai dealers will supplement their existing showrooms and offer their customers an omni-channel shopping experience.

The most powerful element of the Hyundai Express Shopping tool is that potential buyers will know exactly what they will pay for their new vehicle even before setting foot into a dealership. Meaning now much of the most time-consuming elements of shopping for a new vehicle can be done online at leisure.

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