Tourism Australia’s new short film invites the world to Come and Say G’day

Tourism Australia has created a live-action short film with CGI animated characters. The short film, G’day, will debut online on 19 October 2022, and is part of a new global tourism campaign inviting international travellers to Come and Say G’day, and plan and book an Australian adventure of their own.

Directed by acclaimed Australian director, Michael Gracey (The Greatest Showman), G’day the short film shows the unlikely adventure of a plush souvenir kangaroo named Ruby, voiced by beloved Australian actor Rose Byrne, and a toy unicorn, Louie, voiced by actor Will Arnett.

The short film follows Ruby and Louie as they ‘break out’ of a gift shop on the Great Barrier Reef and take an incredible adventure around Australia, visiting iconic sites including Sydney Harbour, Melbourne’s laneways, and stunning natural landscapes like Uluṟu and Nitmiluk Gorge. Along the way, they explore the magnitude of travel experiences Australia has to offer, connect with Australia’s Indigenous cultures, and learn why every great adventure starts with the unmistakably Aussie greeting, “G’day!”.

Rose Byrne in her new role as Tourism Australia’s Global Ambassador and the voice of Ruby, said, “Having the opportunity to voice Ruby was such an honour – she’s a representative for what it means to be an Aussie – she is warm, welcoming, but also endlessly curious and seeing Australia for the first time. I’m so excited to be able to help welcome travellers to our beautiful country.”

Speaking about his involvement in the short film, Director Michael Gracey said, “When I first read the script for G’day, I thought it was the most brilliant concept; a kangaroo souvenir, who has never been outside her box – let alone outside the store – faced with her one opportunity to see Australia, with the help of a little unicorn. It’s an uplifting adventure story of two buddies, against the stunning backdrop of Australia’s landscapes.”

“The thing I’ve enjoyed the most is the incredibly talented people – from the musicians to the animation, to the character designs, to the talent, and the shoot. It’s been such an adventure putting it all together, and I am really proud of it.”

Actor Will Arnett, who is known around the world for his voice over work said, “Having been to Australia a few times, the main takeaway is that I adore everything about Australia and Australians; the welcoming characters you meet who instantly become your mate, the opportunity for adventure in one of the most visually stunning places in the world – I think the film does a brilliant job of showcasing all of this, and I’m really happy to have played a part in inspiring the world to see it for themselves.” ​​

Tourism Australia Managing Director, Phillipa Harrison, said “Come and Say G’day is unashamedly and unmistakably Australian. After a challenging time around the world, our uplifting and joyful campaign will stand out in what is a highly competitive international tourism market.”

Australia’s Indigenous cultures and peoples are at the heart of the story in G’day, and their warmth can be felt throughout. The musical score, written by Australian composers Jonathan Dreyfus and Amy Andersen, features legendary Indigenous Australian musicians including William Barton, Frank Yamma, the Marliya Gondwana Indigenous Girls Choir and Iwiri Choir. Notably, viewers will note a fresh new cover of the classic Aussie song Down Under, which was produced in collaboration with Men At Work’s Colin Hay for the campaign and film.

Ms Harrison, concluded “Another hero of the campaign is the remake of the Australian classic song Down Under by up-and-coming Australian band King Stingray, who sing in both English and Yolŋu Matha, an Indigenous language from northeast Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory.”

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