Google Multisearch: a helpful tool for wedding planning

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Springtime means many Canadians are planning weddings, bachelorette parties and other celebrations of marriage. Google Canada is sharing top-trending searches as Canadians turn to Google’s world-leading AI smarts to prepare for their nuptials during peak wedding season.

With seemingly unlimited ring options and external pressures from family or social media, understandably Canadians have a lot of questions regarding proposals. Starting with the top trending marriage proposal question “how soon is too soon to propose”, right down to wondering which knee to propose on (#5). Top trending engagement ring stones also show Canadians are bucking tradition, moving away from real diamonds to the lab-grown variety, or other gemstones like Moss Agate.

Trending engagement ring stone, past 12 months

1. Lab-grown diamonds

2. Moss agate

3. Alexandrite

4. Pearl

5. Yellow diamond

6. Alt: Moonstone

Trending marriage proposal questions, past 12 months

1. How soon is too soon to propose?

2. Should I propose before or after dinner?

3. Why do men kneel when proposing?

4. How do you propose to your girlfriend?

5. Which knee to propose on?

Historically, Canadian Searches for bachelor or bachelorette party peaks every summer in June or July. Bachelorette parties seem to be much more popular, as it’s been searched 1.75x more than “bachelor party” since 2004.

There are also differences in how both sides of the aisle are getting inspiration from Google Search for their parties. The different mindsets shine through with the #1 bachelor party Search being “low-key bachelor party ideas”, while bachelorette-related Searches include “dresses”, “itinerary” and “party themes”.

Trending bachelorette party-related searches, past 12 months

1. Bachelorette dresses

2. Most likely to bachelorette shirts

3. Bachelorette itinerary

4. Bachelorette party themes

5. Bachelorette veil

Trending bachelor party-related searches, past 12 months

1. Low-key bachelor party ideas

2. Best bachelor party destinations

3. Bachelor party bingo

4. Funny bachelor party ideas

5. Bachelor party shirt

When it comes to wedding planning, Canadians are searching for ways to cut back on costs with DIY elements. Top-trending wedding DIY Searches from the past year include simple solutions for invitations (#1) and place cards (#2) to more involved elements like centrepieces and even the wedding arch. As Canadians visualize their big day, Google’s world-class AI pedigree can help bring their vision to life, from browsing directly on Search to using Google Lens for generating inspiration through image-based searches.

For more wedding planning inspiration, Canadian YouTube Creator Mia Maples showcased her DIY and budgeting skills when she recently got married. You can check out her stunning DIY wedding invitations, thrifted wedding decor, and her DIY dress on YouTube.

Trending wedding decor, past 12 months

1. Seating chart

2. Place cards

3. Signs

4. Centerpieces

5. Cake toppers

Trending wedding DIY, past 12 months

1. Wedding invitations

2. Wedding flowers

3. Guest book

4. Envelope

5. Wedding arch

Trending wedding planning questions, past 12 months

1. How many people should I invite to my wedding?

2. How to plan a wedding?

3. How to plan a destination wedding?

4. How to plan a wedding on a budget?

5. How to plan a surprise wedding?

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