Under Armour SlipSpeed Training Shoes: The Perfect Shoe for Daily Training and Travel

The Under Armour SlipSpeed is a versatile training shoe that can be used for both daily training and comfortable travel. The SlipSpeed features a lightweight and supportive upper that provides a snug fit, as well as a responsive midsole that absorbs shock and helps to propel you forward.

One of the best things about the SlipSpeeds is the BOA Fit System. The 12-point lockdown system allows you to easily and precisely adjust the fit of the shoes, so you can get the perfect fit for your feet. The SlipSpeeds also feature Under Armour’s FLOW cushioning technology, a responsive foam that eliminates the need for a rubber outsole, making the shoes lightweight and flexible.

In terms of daily training, the SlipSpeeds are supportive for running, but they are also comfortable for lifting weights or doing other cross-training activities. The SlipSpeeds Iso-Chill upper keeps your feet cool and dry for hot weather training.

As a travel shoe, the SlipSpeeds features a unique convertible heel. In train mode, the heel is in a raised position which provides more support and stability for running and other high-impact activities. In recovery mode, the heel is in a lowered position which provides a more relaxed fit for walking and lounging. The SlipSpeeds are comfortable to wear all day long, even if you are on a long flight or train ride.

The Under Armour SlipSpeed Training Shoes are a fantastic option for both daily training and comfortable travel. They are lightweight, supportive, and comfortable, making them a great choice for a variety of activities.

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