Supercharge Your Ideas: Gemini Expands Key Features to Reach More Users

Gemini, the innovative AI assistant, is taking a significant leap forward by expanding its key features to more languages and countries. This update aims to make Gemini’s powerful tools accessible to people worldwide, supercharging their creativity and productivity on the go.

The Gemini mobile app is now available in multiple languages and countries, allowing users to access its features from anywhere. With Gemini on your mobile device, you can type, talk, or add images for assistance and get help with various tasks, from changing a flat tire to writing a thank-you note.

On Android, the Gemini app integrates with Google Assistant, allowing users to access it from the app or anywhere they normally activate Google Assistant. This enables a new overlay experience with easy access to Gemini and contextual help. Many Google Assistant voice features are available through the Gemini app, including setting timers, making calls, and controlling smart home devices, with more features to come.

On iOS, users can access Gemini directly from the Google app, with a simple toggle and chat functionality to supercharge their creativity and productivity.

Gemini’s Extensions feature is now available in all languages and countries, allowing users to retrieve relevant information from Google apps and services. This saves time and streamlines tasks like planning a trip or finding information.

Users can now access Gemini from Chrome on their desktop by typing @gemini followed by their prompt in the address bar. This launches with a response to their prompt ready to go.

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