Pursue Your Passions with Schick this Summer

While having a hobby outside of work may lead to a more fulfilling life, a recent survey from Schick shows that the 8 in 10 Canadian men have skipped pursuing their passions, with two-thirds attributing the reason to a lack of financial resources. Schick wants to make it easier for men to experience their personal interests through the Schick Pursue Your Passions Contest where men have a chance to win one of four $5,000 cash prizes every Friday during the month of June.

The contest builds on the current Schick campaign “Be You. No One Else Can.” that features real men with quirks, flaws, passions, and everything else that makes them who they are. That is not always the case as the survey revealed that only one-in-four (24%) men aged 18-54 see themselves reflected in contemporary advertising, and three-in-four (73%) agree advertising presents unrealistic/idealistic depictions of men.

Additional findings from Schick’s national survey

– More than two-thirds of men (67%) feel that they are not able to relate to the advertising today because of lack of representation of ‘real men.’

– Older men (45-54) are least likely to feel represented in advertising today (18%)

– 63% of men surveyed say that brands aren’t really listening to men and celebrating men as they are.

– Two-thirds (65%) of men say their facial hair style is important to the way they express themselves.

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