How to Keep Your Pet Hydrated all Summer Long

Source: PetSafe

This summer set the record for the hottest day on earth – reaching an average global temperature of 17.18 C. With this Canadian summer heat, our pets are affected more than ever, so keeping our pets cool and hydrated will be top of mind for pet parents.

PetSafe, the most trusted pet product brand, has rounded up some tips and considerations for optimum comfort to help you and your pets stay safe and cool this summer.

Know the correct personal water intake for your pet: Both dogs and cats’ bodies are made up of 80% water (compared to humans who are 55-60% water) and need about 1oz of water per lbs they weigh.

Familiarize yourself with the symptoms of pet dehydration: For both dogs and cats, look out for sunken eyes, lethargy, loss of appetite. If you’re still unsure, perform the skin test:

– Gently grab a loose fold of skin on the back of your pets neck and release.

– If the skin snaps back into place, your pet is in the clear. If the skin moves slowly back into place, your pet is likely very dehydrated and may need to be a checked by a veterinarian.

Cater to your pet’s water-drinking preferences: Some pets only prefer moving water (i.e. cats that drink from the faucet). Consider purchasing a fountain that will keep the water moving – the PetSafe Streamside Ceramic Pet Fountain is a great option to keep your pet hydrated.

Keep your pup cool with a tasty frozen treat: Long walks and backyard play may not be an option during extreme heat warnings and low activity can lead to boredom for pups. The PetSafe Frosty Cone is perfect to help your dog cool down and stay entertained. Fill and freeze it with dog-safe foods like nut butter or broth and watch your dog stay busy and hydrated for 20-30 minutes of play.

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