Goldfish makes a MEGA splash in the Metaverse

Goldfish represents the latest brand tapping into the metaverse to reach its online audience. Like Burger King’s Glitched Menu or Tim Horton’s Speed Run, Goldfish is making a splash in the metaverse by delivering benefits to consumers IRL. To celebrate the launch of Goldfish Mega Bites debuts a metaverse experience where consumers can turn digital crackers into a free bag of Goldfish Mega Bites.

Many adults were raised playing video games, and Goldfish wants to connect with its audience by meeting them where they are, which in this case is the metaverse. The interactive experience allows Goldfish Mega Bites to reach their audience by offering real-world benefits and reminding them of their youth, relaxing with video games. The nostalgia, coupled with a new online experience has led to an increasing number of brands flocking to web 3 to reach their audiences.

The metaverse experience is hosted on the Decentraland platform, where consumers can enter “Mega Bites Mountain,” a massive interactive cheddar mountain. Here, players mine Mega Bites crackers and claim a coupon for a real-life pack. Players who collect 22 digital Mega Bites crackers will also earn a special edition ‘Goldfish Megabytes’ NFT wearable for their avatar.

The game is live now and “Mega Bites Mountain” is waiting to be explored by anyone 18+. Enter the metaverse here:

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