GoDaddy Launches Unstoppable Women Campaign: Sadaf Rahimi, Charcuterie Vancouver

GoDaddy launched the Unstoppable Women campaign, in celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8. As part of the campaign, GoDaddy conducted a survey exploring the opportunities and challenges associated with women entrepreneurship in Canada. The data revealed that 80% of Canadian women see more opportunity than ever in starting their own business, despite battling burnout and a challenging economic climate and most Canadian women started or intend to start their small business in pursuit of financial opportunities and lifestyle flexibility.

Canadian women may be overestimating start-up costs by more than 50%

While women looking to start their own business cited start-up costs as a major barrier, the Unstoppable Women survey found they overestimate start-up costs by an average of 56% or more—in fact, more than two-thirds of women business owners surveyed said it cost them less than $1,000 to launch their business, with 15% saying they had no start-up costs at all.

As part of the campaign, GoDaddy is sharing stories from Canadian women entrepreneurs to celebrate their accomplishments and inspire more women to follow their small business dreams.

Canadian Women are Unstoppable: Meet Sadaf Rahimi, owner of Charcuterie Vancouver

Sadaf Rahimi, winner of the 2021 Immigrant Entrepreneur of the year award, founded her business in late 2019. As the pandemic halted events in 2020, Sadaf had to quickly rethink her business plans, which centred on event catering, and instead offered smaller, individual charcuterie boxes through her business website to stay afloat.

Like many Canadian women, starting her own business was a pathway to greater financial stability. For Sadaf, it was also about giving back to her family, whose journey from Afghanistan she says has been a powerful motivator for her business success.

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