DibFit Cycle Opens in Downtown Vancouver on September 24th

On Saturday, September 24th, DibFit Cycle opens its doors to Vancouverites, welcoming locals to a fresh spin experience introduced by beloved fitness instructor Daniela Dib. Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, the studio will be an inclusive space with a range of classes available to all levels, from new riders to cycle enthusiasts.

Hailed as one of the city’s most respected and sought after fitness personalities, Daniela Dib rode to the top of the Canadian spin industry, before SoulCycle closed in 2020 and officially left Canada. With a background in ballet – she attended Canada’s National Ballet Studio – Daniela is known for her high-spirited energy, inspirational coaching and for playfully integrating spin and dance in her classes. This passion for making fitness approachable and entertaining secured her a strong fanbase with riders both in the studio and offline. After pandemic studio closures brought her classes online, Daniela successfully built a digital following of loyal clients that tuned-in to her workouts for her infectious positivity and aspirational athletic prowess. This momentum led to the inception of DibFit, a spin studio where Vancouverites will be able to find an empowering workout and a welcoming fitness community.

“DibFit Cycle has been a passion project of mine for years, and I am so excited to finally share it with the world,” said Daniela Dib, Founder of DibFit Cycle. “It’s been two years since I have been able to share my love and energy on a bike with a room full of people. And the bike is really just an extension of what I am trying to bring to people’s lives – which is self-confidence, strength and motivation. DibFit will be an inclusive space where people will be able to tap into these feelings through an incredible workout.”

Daniela and DibFit’s extensive team of instructors will offer a range of lively classes in 45, 50 or 60-minute long sessions that combine cardio, resistance training, upper body strength with weights and interval rhythmic cycling. While each class guarantees a full-body workout that will leave riders sweating, the motivational interludes from instructors, electrifying playlists and nightclub atmosphere are guaranteed to keep legs pumping.

“We’re going to be a spin studio that hypes each other up,” said Dib. “Whether you are a hardcore athlete or a first timer, it’s really a safe space for anyone who wants to get their sweat on! You will be part of a community that is passionate about living a healthy, happy life. We truly want you to come party with us on a bike!”

Bringing their own unique energy to motivate riders throughout their workout – and even once they are off the bike – DibFit’s empowering team of instructors include the industry’s best in spin and fitness. Opening with seven expert coaches, riders will be able to sample from a variety of different styles to find what works best for them. Each instructor will incorporate their own pace, playlist and personality into their classes, guaranteeing that there will be a teacher for everyone at DibFit.

DibFit Cycle is located at 806 Homer Street in Downtown Vancouver.

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