Where is Coors Light taking you for your Temporary Retirement?

Have you found yourself scrolling through Instagram after a long day at the office wondering how all your friends have time to go to Europe? Just how many vacation days are they getting? The truth is, for the majority of us spending over 2,000 hours per year at work, 69% of Canadians would retire now and take off to see the world if they could.

That’s why this summer, Coors Light is saying Welcome to Temporary Retirement and inviting you to live your retirement dreams today.

Whether it’s a cruise, a trip to Tuscany, or flight back home, your audience can submit their ‘temporary retirement’ plans at coorslight.ca for a chance to have it all funded by Coors Light. Now is the time to bring those vacation fantasies to life with $10,000 to help you experience a summer of temporary retirement, your way.

James Chung

Vancouver Lifestyle, Cool Tech & Travel Adventure. Email: james@hellovancity.com

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