Tropical Summer Cocktail with Ketel One Botanical

As Canadians, we pine all year for sunshine filled months of summer. We welcome long summers days by firing up the BBQ and relaxing by the pool. However, nothing says summer like enjoying a refreshing tropical cocktail poolside with friends.

If vodka is your summer cocktail spirit base of choice, you’ll certainly enjoy the new Ketel One Botanical. As the first vodka brand to deliver a disruptive botanical line, Ketel One Botanical is Ketel One Vodka distilled with real botanicals and infused with natural fruit essences. The new Ketel One Botanical offers a simple-to-make alternative to a glass of white wine with a mindful twist. Made with Ketel One vodka that’s distilled with real botanicals Ketel One Botanical provides a simple, yet elegant and refreshing cocktail option that’s perfect for a balanced lifestyle.

Ketel One Botanical was intentionally crafted to have a lower ABV (30% ABV) which makes it more approachable and provides easy sipping for a patio evening with friends. Ketel One Botanical starts with Ketel One Family-Made Vodka, made with 100% non-GMO grain and infused with the natural essence of fresh, crisp and fragrant botanicals – with the Nolet Family’s Botanical Blend.

Plus, Ketel One Botanical has 40% fewer calories than a glass of white wine and 73 calories (per 1.5oz).* Best of all, it’s a lighter option with 0g of carbs, no artificial flavours AND you can keep it sugar free by mixing it with soda making it a more mindful alternative, while still providing a fresh, distinct taste. It’s a simple and refreshing cocktailoption that perfectly captures the summer vibes to enjoy with friends on a warm summer night or your next DIY patio brunch.

Ketel One Botanical is available in three unique and tasty varietals:

  1. Peach & Orange Blossom – infused with mouth watering white peaches with aromatic orange blossoms
  2. Cucumber & Mint – infused with cool, refreshing cucumbers with subtle notes of fresh mint
  3. Grapefruit & Rose – infused with zesty fresh squeezed grapefruit with slight hint of rose petals

Hosting a dinner party or BBQ? Impress your friends and family with this vibrant, delicious and easy-to-make serve.

For those on the go, the signature serve is the best way to experience the fresh taste of Ketel One Botanical. It’s a very simple, yet incredibly flavourful recipe with minimal ingredients – perfect for those impromptu summer get togethers. It’s best served in a wine glass to bring out the fragrant botanical notes.

Ketel One & Soda:

  • Grab a wine glass
  • Fill it with ice
  • Pour Ketel One Botanical (1.5 oz.)
  • Top with sparkling water (3 oz.)
  • Choose the garnish: fragrant herbs, crisp citrus or fresh fruit

This season, experience a new way to enjoy your go-to vodka soda – one that will leave you feeling guilt-free and wishing for a never-ending summer.

*  Ketel One Botanical (per 1.5 fl. oz. Kettle One Botanical: 73 cal; 0g carbs); White Table Wine (per 5fl.oz., CNF: 121 cal; 3.82 g. carbs)

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