Starbucks new Carry the Merry Holiday Cups debut today

Sometimes a Peppermint Mocha is more than just a beverage. It’s a moment of joy; a familiar ritual that connects holidays past and present. Starting today (November 6th), Starbucks Canada customers can enjoy the comforts of the season with a flurry of returning seasonal favourites, alongside its new holiday cups.

Starbucks Carry the Merry Holiday Cups

This year’s theme, Carry the Merry, is an invitation to enjoy the little moments of brightness around you.

“When we started designing the cups over a year ago, we didn’t know anything about what 2020 would bring. Our mindset was about people carrying them out in the world as messengers of joy,” said Jeff Wilkson, Creative Director for Starbucks. “In a way that message deepened as we got further and further into the year. We want to be that beacon for people, a brief moment that they can look forward to.”


This design brings forward all the joyful elements of the holiday season in ribbons of brand greens and a jolly red like a cozy holiday sweater. Look closely and you’ll see the Siren’s crown, tail, and scales.


Stripes swirl around a field of Starbucks house green punctuated by playful polka dots.


This red cup has vintage vibes, with cutout shapes in green like glittering holiday ornaments. The motif is repeated in a snowy white on Starbucks cold beverage cups.

Brand Wrap

This modern, scaled-up version of the ribbon design features bold bands of holiday colour and the Starbucks wordmark, designer street style.

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