SkipTheDishes Reveals the Most Popular Burger Toppings in British Columbia

Attention burger lovers and food enthusiasts alike! Get ready to sink your teeth into an irresistible celebration of flavour on National Hamburger Day on May 28th.

On this special day, we honour the iconic hamburger -a culinary masterpiece that has captured the hearts (and taste buds!) of Canadians. Whether you love a classic cheeseburger or are seeking out the biggest of bold flavour combinations, Canada’s most affordable food delivery app SkipTheDishes has got you covered.

As Canada’s largest food delivery network, Skip has insight into the most popular burger toppings from across the country… and the results are in! The most popular burger topping for British Columbia so far this year is bacon!

British Columbia residents keep it consistent – with fries and caesar salad being the top burger-side option of choice and, ketchup, and lettuce the most popular burger toppings nationwide!

When a burger craving hits – British Columbians head to Skip to order from top burger spots. Most ordered restaurants in British Columbia include Desi Rasoi, Burger Crush, and Texx Big Burger.

When it comes to veggie burgers – more than 5,000 veggie burgers have been ordered in British Columbia so far this year!

With over 4 million burgers ordered across the Skip network, you can customize your burger with these popular add-ons and toppings, ensuring a culinary adventure that caters to your unique preferences!

So gather your appetite, prepare to explore an abundance of unique burger destinations, and let Skip bring you the ultimate burger experience this National Hamburger Day right to your doorstep.

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