McDonald’s iconic burgers get a juicy makeover

McDonald’s Canada has a lot to say about beef. And as one of the country’s largest burger restaurants, they’re changing up their legendary lineup of burgers for the better. That’s right – your next Big Mac, Quarter Pounder or Cheeseburger will be hotter, juicier and tastier the next time you choose McDonald’s. 

From pasture to grill, it’s the classics remastered – marking the next evolution of McDonald’s journey to offer guests the very best burger, every time.

What’s changed:

– 100 per cent Canadian beef patties now cooked in smaller batches for hotter and juicier beef

– Storage changes for fresher and crisper produce

– Onions added directly on the patties on the grill to intensify flavour

– More of the legendary Mac Sauce applied on Big Macs

– New bun recipes for warmer buns

From August 13-19, 2019, McDonald’s is offering a $3 Big Mac at participating McDonald’s restaurants across the country, to encourage Canadians to taste the difference in this remastered classic beef burger.

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