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When life becomes busy many people are guilty of letting their friendships fall to the wayside. It becomes more challenging to prioritize ourselves and our relationships as we balance work, family, fitness and even pets and hobbies – but friendships are proven to fuel our happiness. Maintaining friendships requires intention.

Carving out quality time is crucial, and there is nothing quite like a catch up over a bottle of wine. Summer is the perfect time to find time to reconnect with friends old and new in a meaningful way – and Kim Crawford wines set the tone for nurturing quality friendships and connections.

“As an adult, we’re all busy and have our own lives outside of our friendships, that’s why maintenance is so important,” says Jen Kirsch, Relationship Expert. “Sure, sending meme’s back and forth is all well and good, but being one on one and being present in person, where you can make eye contact and grasp tone, allows for a sense of closeness not necessarily offered when hitting up a restaurant or bar patio.

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc is a staple amongst friend groups, present at most girls’ nights. From break ups to make ups, reality television season finales and getting ready for a night on the town, this Sauvignon Blanc has seen it all. As friendships evolve, and folks move forward with their lives, Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc has become an essential catch up wine, reminding good friends of old times and allowing pals to catch up over a glass.

Kim Crawford Illuminate Sauvignon Blanc

It’s the little moments that help spark big connections. Kim Crawford Illuminate Sauvignon Blanc is the choice wine for small moments of quality connection that help make relationships meaningful. Catching up with friends over the phone is a small moment that can strengthen bonds – why not savour the moment by pouring a glass of Illuminate? At 90 calories per 188 mL serving and 7% ABV, the Illuminate is a great, full flavoured, wine to enjoy while appreciating the small moments.

Kim Crawford Rosé

Blossoming friendships require the same amount of love and attention as old ones, and Kim Crawford Rosé is the perfect pour to share with a new pal. When connecting with someone new, it is important to establish commonalities and this Rosé is a known crowd pleaser, making it a great starting point. It is also a way to give new folks a window into a fan-favourite Rosé, making Kim Crawford a glass to bond over.

Kim Crawford Prosecco

Pop the Prosecco, it’s time to celebrate! Kim Crawford Prosecco is meant for friends celebrating friends. From buying a house to picking up a new pup, a bit of bubbly shows people that their wins big and small deserve celebration. Celebration in friendships is vital to keep connections just as vivid as Kim Crawford Prosecco.

“The truth about female, adult relationships is you really have to put in the effort to see each other in real life, to truly connect one on one,” says Kirsch. “Sure, socializing over the phone is all well and good, but it’s the tactile time together that allows you to share moments, deepen your bond and connection and which allows you to make memorable moments.”

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