IGA launches zero-waste packaging through Reusables.com with plans for additional expansion in its stores

With a goal of reaching one million containers reused in Vancouver next year, Reusables.com has partnered with IGA on Robson with expansion to additional stores planned for 2022/2023.

“The Reusables community is saving thousands of single-use containers from entering waste streams every month and we are proud to be part of this important initiative,” said Mark McCurdy, V.P. Retail Operations & Brand Strategy, IGA BC. “Having seen the success in restaurants and new members joining Reusables at a steadily fast pace, we are excited to now offer this capability at our Robson IGA and will expand to more of our stores in the coming months. The more grocers and more locations that jump on board with Reusables, the better it is for all our stores, our customers, and increases the overall positive environmental impact in our communities.”

The container-sharing platform for zero-waste takeout conceived initially for food takeout and delivery is now proving successful at a broad scope of food locations and stores with IGA and Reusables encouraging more grocers to get involved.

“Partnering with Reusables provides opportunities for members to utilize the service in a grocery store setting and at the same time allows grocers like us to expand and enhance the environmental and sustainability programs already happening within our stores,” said McCurdy. “It is a win-win and Reusables makes it easy for stores to adopt and operate.”

How it works

Through its proprietary technology, Reusables is able to track containers, manage returns, ensure each container is cleaned to the highest standard and entered back into the ecosystem for reuse. The app makes it easy and rewarding for consumers to be part of the solution to single-use plastic pollution. Customers get their first 30 days free when downloading the app and then pay just $5.00 per month to get unlimited reusables across participating stores. Containers are required to be returned to any participating store on the platform within 14 days.

“The team at IGA is showing leadership in this space and understands the importance of working in a circular economy,” said Jason Hawkins, Reusables.com Co-Founder & CEO. “More stores are jumping on-board every month and we are encouraged to see larger brands prioritize reusable packaging. As partners of stores like IGA, our job is to use our technology to create a more convenient digital solution for reuse that does not require a container deposit from consumers. This allows us to offer high-quality, stainless-steel containers that can be used hundreds if not thousands of times.”

The team at IGA and Reusables.com are exploring more smart container options that expand beyond the deli and prepared foods to include grocery brands in other categories that can also be tracked by utilizing Reusables’ innovative clean-technology.

IGA Robson – 489 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 6L9

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