Honolulu Coffee Guava Hot Chocolate for Hot Chocolate Vancouver 2021

11th annual Hot Chocolate Vancouver is happening right now until February 14, 2021. There are 87 featured hot chocolate drinks from 39 Vancouver’s best chocolatiers, restaurants, bakeries and cafes.

Honolulu Coffee has two special Hawaii-inspired creations at both Downtown and Kerrisdale locations.

Mauna Loa – A special, spicy concoction named for the world’s largest volcano, located on the Big Island of Hawaii, this beverage incorporates 70% dark chocolate and a hint of maple chilli bacon syrup seasoned with cayenne pepper and paprika. Served with a volcano-shaped brownie

Mauna La’i – Inspired by a famous Hawaiian guava-based beverage brand from the ’80s, this tropical-inspired drink combines 70% dark chocolate with guava purée, coconut milk and coconut whipped cream. Served with a guava-flavoured macaroon.

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