CELSIUS: The Zero Sugar Energy Drink That Fuels Your Active Lifestyle

Are you looking for a refreshing and energizing drink that can fuel your active lifestyle? If so, you’ll be happy to hear that CELSIUS, the fastest-growing energy drink brand in the United States, has finally launched in Canada!

CELSIUS is not your typical energy drink. It is made with zero sugar, gluten-free, and only 10 calories per can.

Whether you need a pre-workout boost, a midday pick-me-up, or a refreshing treat, CELSIUS has you covered. You can choose from:

Orange: Get energized and dazzle your tastebuds with the citrusy sweet blend of refreshing orange flavour.

Kiwi Guava: A tropical explosion of ripe kiwi and unique guava flavours.

Peach Vibe: Sunny beach vibes are captured in every sip of vibrant peach flavour.

Tropical Vibe: Escape to paradise with the exotic fusion of starfruit and pineapple.

Sunset Vibe: Unleash the mango, passionfruit, and orange flavours for a journey to tastebud paradise.

CELSIUS is now available at major retailers across Canada.

James Chung

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