Celebrate Hot Chocolate Festival, Italian-Style at Motoretta, Giovane and Super Veloce

It’s the sweetest time of the year as the three caffè and gelateria concepts by Kitchen Table Restaurants celebrate the 13th annual Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival. This month-long event will showcase their inventive Italian-inspired drinks.

The Hot Chocolate Festival is an annual treat-yourself time across the city, and this year the event runs from January 14 to February 14. Known for showcasing decadent, over-the-top, and exciting hot chocolate creations, the fest is the perfect time for Motoretta, Giovane Caffè, and Super Veloce to shine with their beverages that will transport you straight to Italy.

At Motoretta, the traditional gelateria with the highest-quality authentic gelato in the city, bold is the keyword, with two drinks that feature unexpected flavour twists:

– Get a taste of Southern Italy with the “Bel Paese,” made with classic Italian dark chocolate, Calabrian chili, and bergamotto citrus, served with zabaione gelato or a flavour of your choice.

– The “il Re,” inspired by Italy’s own “King of Cheese,” features a blend of milk and dark chocolate infused with Parmigiano Reggiano and Castelvetrano olives. Served with guava rotolo cake

Head to both Vancouver locations of Giovane Caffè, where the modern take on an Italian coffee bar will be making two Hot Chocolate Festival drinks:

– The “Mandorlata Calda” has rich cocoa powder and creamy almond butter. With a hint of cinnamon, topped with cinnamon sprinkles and crushed almond bits, the drink highlights the traditional Italian Almond flavour. Served with a side cantucci cookie.

– The “Amarena Calda,” a dark chocolate cherry-infused hot chocolate made with plant-based milks, topped with chantilly cream and dusted with chocolate shavings. This drink is a nod to the Italian Tartofu – served with a vanilla amaretto cookie.

For healthy fare for those seeking high-performance, head to Super Veloce to find two drink and snack offerings to give you a boost:

– The “Testa Arancione,” features house-made sugar-free orange zest syrup with cocoa powder and steamed almond milk, topped with vegan coconut cream and fresh orange zest. The drink comes with a Coconut Rocher Protein ball for some extra energy.

– The “Miura SV/ Alfa Romeo Farina,” is a Macadamia Maca Dark Hot chocolate topped with cocoa and maca, served with a Pistachio Power Ball.

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