Black Food Energy Fest Returns: Celebrate & Support Black-Owned Businesses with DoorDash

DoorDash Canada’s #BlackFoodEnergy Fest is back for the entire month of February, shining a spotlight on over 900 incredible Black-owned restaurants and chefs on the platform.

Here’s how you can join the #BlackFoodEnergy Fest:

Indulge in deliciousness: Explore the curated selection of Black-owned restaurants prominently featured in the DoorDash app. From soul food classics to innovative fusion dishes, there’s something for every taste bud.

Share your love: Snap pics of your favourite #BlackFoodEnergy meals and share them on social media, tagging @doordash_ca. You could win DoorDash gift cards!

Vote for your favourites: By the end of February, DoorDash will handpick the five most-voted dishes, and the businesses behind them will each receive a $5,000 CAD grant to fuel their continued success.

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