Bai Raspberry Lemon Lime: A Refreshing Collaboration with Sydney Sweeney

Summer’s on its way, and what better way to cool down than with a refreshing drink bursting with flavour? Bai Raspberry Lemon Lime, is a delicious new beverage developed in collaboration with actress Sydney Sweeney!

Inspired by her childhood memories of picking raspberries in the Pacific Northwest, Sydney worked with Bai to create a taste that captures the essence of summer. Imagine sweet, juicy raspberries swirled with a bright citrus twist.

Bai Raspberry Lemon Lime is packed with good-for-you benefits too. Here’s what makes it a great choice:

Low calorie and sugar: With only 1 gram of sugar and 10 calories per bottle, you can quench your thirst without guilt.

Naturally sweetened: Bai uses stevia leaf extract and monk fruit for sweetness, so you can skip the artificial stuff.

Antioxidant boost: Packed with Vitamin C, this drink helps support your immune system.

Electrolytes for hydration: Perfect for those active summer days.

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