A&W teams up with MLB icons to launch the Ringer Burger

A&W Canada (The Official Burger of the Toronto Blue Jays) is teaming up with the legendary baseball father-son duo: Blue Jays’, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and his father, Vladimir Guerrero Sr., MLB Hall of Famer. The duo has teamed up with the Canadian QSR chain to launch the new Ringer Burger, available in A&W restaurants across Canada.

As A&W’s most loaded burger ever, the Ringer Burger comes topped with A&W’s famous onion rings, a delicious grass-fed beef patty, smoky BBQ sauce, bacon and provolone cheese, as well as fresh red onion, lettuce, tomato and pickle. It also comes in a two-patty Ringer Papa Burger, a nod to the iconic father-son baseball duo.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Sr. appear in a promotional spot for the Ringer Burger alongside A&W’s signature spokesperson, Allen!

The joke in A&W’s new spot is truly insider baseball. Vladimir Guerrero Sr. was famous for hitting wild pitches. The spot shows the A&W guy pitching Vladdy Jr. a pitch like the legendary one-bouncer his father hit for a single, to which SR. replies, “I would’ve swung at that.”

Step up to the plate at your local A&W to try the Ringer Burger before it’s gone!

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