WIRTH Hats’ Quad Tandem World Championships: A Team Effort for Mental Health

Source: WIRTH Hats

Vancouver-based brand WIRTH Hats announced the launch of its Quad Tandem World Championships, which will take place in B.C. from July 15-23, 2023. The one-of-a-kind adventure race, which is the first of this scale for the company, will draw teams from around the world to compete on quad tandem (four-person) bikes for a grand prize: The Quad Cup. WIRTH Hats is also pleased to release a limited-edition “Tandem” athletic summer cap in July, which has been designed specifically for the race.

The Quad Tandem World Championships is the ultimate team race and a mental health fundraiser for the WIRTH Hats Counselling Fund. During this year’s event, six teams will cycle over 800 kilometres, from Keremeos to Nelson, B.C., over the course of eight days. Participants include Team Great Britain, Team USA, Team Brazil, Team New Zealand, the Women’s Canadian Team, and the Men’s Canadian Team. The race will be featured by Youtuber DownieLive and documented by Emmy award-winning cinematographer Adam Miller.

WIRTH Hats was inspired by Jakob Wirth, who had a vision of creating a hat company however sadly passed away by suicide in 2014 before he could achieve his dream. Jakob envisioned something recognizable; something stylish; something people would love to wear. For him, hats weren’t just an accessory, they were the perfect addition to an outfit and a central part of what could make someone feel unique. In 2018, WIRTH Hats was founded by Ben Miller as a tribute to his dear friend Jakob and other loved and lost friends.

A “hug for your head,” each hat is made in Vancouver and serves as an everyday reminder that mental health is a priority and can affect anyone. To that end, the company applies profits from hat sales and event hosting towards free online counselling for people in need. To date, WIRTH Hats has sponsored over 6,000 counselling sessions — and has set its sights on reaching 10,000 sessions sponsored through the Quad Tandem World Championships.

“We know that our mental health is just as important as our physical health — and yet, countless people aren’t getting the support they need,” said Ben Miller, co-founder of WIRTH Hats and Team Canada quad tandem rider. “Along with the stigma surrounding mental health, the biggest obstacle preventing many people from receiving counselling and therapy is the financial cost. Through this campaign, we want to continue to reduce this barrier and help more people live their fullest lives possible.”

In early July, WIRTH Hats will be releasing a limited-edition “Tandem” athletic summer cap. Designed specifically for the Quad Tandem World Championships, it will feature five panels of colourful perfection to suit all athletic needs. The cost of a single hat is $55, or opt for a ‘1-for-1 hat,’ which covers the cost of the hat plus an entire counselling session for $99.

On Thursday, July 13 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., WIRTH Hats will host a kick-off party for the Quad Tandem World Championships, taking place at Parallel 49 Brewing Company (1950 Triumph Street, Vancouver, BC). The event, which is free and open to the public, will offer a chance to meet this year’s teams, see the tandem bikes on display and enjoy live music.

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