Porsche Drive on-demand service launches in Montreal

Porsche is offering on-demand access to an exclusive selection of its sports cars in Montreal. The Porsche Drive monthly subscription plan provides members access to a Porsche vehicle via an easy-to-use digital platform. The program also proposes daily and weekly on-demand rental service in the greater Montreal area. All services feature delivery and pick-up by a concierge anywhere a customer chooses within a 50-km radius around the city’s downtown core.

Porsche Drive Montreal offers members access to a fleet of various models from the German sports car maker – including the 911 and the all-electric Taycan –with added flexibility compared to a traditional lease or purchase. Customers can rent a Porsche from one day to several months.

Porsche Drive Rental

Customers seeking a more short-term commitment, such as weekend getaways, date nights, or vacations, can schedule a daily or weekly rental service, choosing from the Porsche Drive fleet. Rentals allow up to 400 kilometres per day. Daily pricing ranges from $319 for a Macan to $539 for a 911 when selecting a one- to three-day rental period. Opting for a 911 over a rental period of 4 days or more reduces the daily price to $469 plus tax. All operating costs except fuel, charging on Taycan and E-Hybrid models, taxes, as well as fees are included in the program pricing.

How to sign up and apply

To sign up and to apply for a membership in Montreal, customers need to visit www.PorscheDriveMontreal.ca or contact the bilingual concierges at 1-833-940-2105 or montreal@porschedrive.ca. To find more information about the Porsche Drive program in general, go to the porschedrive.ca website, or contact the digital concierges at 1-888-490-9077 or at info@porschedrive.ca. Porsche Drive requires a one-time activation fee of $750 (waived on a three-month single-vehicle subscription membership), and membership approval is dependent on a background and driver profile check.

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