Electric Vehicles owners in British Columbia worried about lack of public charging stations, but overall satisfaction rates are high: CAA Survey

Source: BCAA

As more British Columbians and industries in the province make the shift towards Electric Vehicles (EV), EV owners are overwhelmingly happy with their purchase, however, access to charging stations remains the primary concern.

The Canadian Automobile Association in partnership with BCAA recently conducted the largest ever survey of Canadian and British Columbian EV owners. The survey discovered points of concern in B.C. EV owners, including that almost half (48%) worry about public charging stations, while one-third (36%) don’t have the confidence to drive their EV on a long road trip.

However, the survey also showed that satisfaction rates among B.C. EV drivers is very high, and most pre-purchase concerns decline after the purchase. This includes:

– 96% say they will purchase another EV when it comes time to replace their existing one.

– 96% say their EV is more affordable.

– Fears about battery degradation fell 43 percentage points to 15% after purchase.

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