Tips & Tricks for Selling Secondhand Online Like a Pro

It’s no secret that Canadians love buying and selling secondhand, with 75% having used an online secondhand website or app before. Now more than ever, the popularity of mobile marketplace apps like letgo where users can buy and sell locally are on the rise, with daily listings on letgo growing 240% since October 2016.

Sell the Package Deal
Offer your items together when selling secondhand so buyers feel like they’re really getting a good bargain. If you’re selling a camera, include the case, memory card, lenses and bag to seal the deal.

Honesty is the Best Policy
Always be transparent about what you’re selling. Don’t be tempted to embellish the quality of your item because lies can often lead to complaints from buyers. Online shoppers are picky, so point out any issues with your item up front. Including authentication badges like original receipts, serial numbers and store tags will also help prove your item is the real thing.

Set a Realistic Price
Don’t scare potential buyers away with inflated prices. Do your homework and check out a few similar listings of what you’re trying to sell to come up with a realistic price that will resonate with buyers.

The Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (Or Dollars)
Posting an attractive photo of the item you’re trying to sell is absolutely crucial to making sure your listing stands out and doesn’t get lost in the clutter. Set up your photo for success by giving your item a good clean, positioning it in flattering, bright lighting, decluttering the background and giving potential buyers a 360 view of your item by providing several shots with different angles.

Be Responsive
No buyer likes to wait around for a seller to respond to their inquiry, especially if they can get the same item from someone else quicker. Set notifications for yourself to prompt a fast response to show the buyer that you mean business and you’re serious about selling your item to them.

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