Flok launch the first long-distance ridesharing app for sporting events and festivals

Today, Flok announced the launch of North America’s first long-distance ridesharing platform built specifically for events. The platform connects travelling attendees who have extra seats in their cars with others from their city who need a lift to the same event. Jacob Hoggard of Hedley and Daniel Weinand of Shopify are among the key investors financially backing the ridesharing app. 
“Our generation, millennials, have 30 percent fewer cars than the previous generation,” said Nadine Robinson, Co-founder and COO. “The car is no longer the ‘crowned jewel’ and ownership is not a priority – instead, we want to car share, take transit, walk, or bike. But without a car, it can be incredibly expensive and inconvenient to leave the city.”
Unlike ridesharing giants Uber and Lyft, Flok’s drivers do not make a profit beyond the cost of travel – passengers merely contribute to the expenses of the trip. Both parties benefit from decreased travel costs and environmental impact, and meet others journeying to the same destination. The platform expands options for intercity travel, offering an alternative form of transportation from the limited options available today – namely buses, planes, or personal vehicles. 
“The driver is paired with travel companions en route to the same event. This establishes a common ground and helps break the ice faster,” said Clio de la Llave, Co-founder and CEO. “Most events are already social in nature, but Flok gives attendees a head start on the mingling.” 
For this summer’s beta launch, Flok has created a number of ridesharing communities centered on music festivals and sports teams across Canada, including Rockin’ River Music Festival and the Vancouver Whitecaps. The app includes user profiles, rating systems, and in-app messaging that enhances the social network approach to ridesharing. Currently, the free app is available for iPhones, with an Android version slated for completion later this year.

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